Equipment included with bookings

Equipment available in-house at our studios. Additional equipment can be requested during the booking process.

Broncolor Softbox 120×180cm

Create an even, diffused light with our biggest softbox. Even over short distances, it illuminates a whole body uniformly. Incredible, soft, beautiful light is guaranteed. Alter diffusion via a removable baffle and front panel, and add grids and other light modification accessories for ultimate versatility. 

Broncolor Silver Umbrella 85cm

With an 85cm diameter and silver coating, this umbrella will broaden and soften light. Light is more focused than in a standard white coated umbrella, revealing structure and detail in your subjects. It can be used as a main light or fill-in, in portraits and stills.

Bowens Backdrop Stand Kit

Perfect for studio use, and quick and easy to set up, this backdrop kit is suitable for paper and fabric backgrounds up to 12’ wide, and supporting up to 12kg. 

Polyboards + Stands

Available in black and white, with accompanying stands, our polyboards can be used for bouncing light, or to control it, sculpting shape and form. Alternatively they can be used to create partitions within the studio.

Work Trolley

If you’re tethered up to equipment and need easy access to playback, or for DIT’s and Digital Technicians requiring computer access, this workstation is perfect for moving easily around the studio.


The multi-purpose, versatile C-Stand has always been a must have in any production equipment list. Position any light modifiers, such as silks, nets or flags, use it as a boom pole for audio equipment, position reflectors, the possibilities are endless.

Broncolor Softbox Grid 120×30cm

By using a grid, the radiation angle can be reduced, and so unwanted scattered light is avoided. Enabling you to perfectly control light for product photography, and it can also be used for effect lighting in portrait and fashion photography to avoid unwanted reflections.

Broncolor Softbox 120×30cm

The Strip Softbox is perfect for illuminating edges in product photography and as a hair-light in the portrait and fashion fields. Powerful backlights to emphasise contours are possible; and dramatic, narrow reflections can be created in glossy surfaces.

Broncolor Super Boom

The Broncolor Super Boom is a steel stand with 2.1m boom arm, counter-weight and caster. Compatible with lamps, monolights, the Para 88 reflector and more, it’s a handy piece of kit to include in your studio rental.

Broncolor Spill Kill

The Broncolor spill kill provides an appropriate beam spread for the Siros and Siros L Monolights when used with umbrellas.

Broncolor Softbox 60×60cm

The smallest square softbox, the Broncolor 60x60cm soft box is a fantastic all-rounder, popular for product and portrait photography. Its’ compact size means the light is not too soft, ideal for powerful lighting. The amount of diffusion can be adjusted via a removable baffle and front panel. It also has the ability to accept grids and other light modification accessories.

Broncolor L40 Reflector

The L40 reflector is engineered for brighter light output and perfect illumination, due to the Siros’ fully exposed flash tube design. It can be used with optional accessory honeycomb grids and barndoors for added light shaping capability.

Broncolor Siros 800S

The Broncolor Siros provides outputs of 400 and 800 joules. With wifi connectivity and a mobile app, integrated Broncolor RFS 2.1 Receiver and a USB connection for updates, this is an incredibly intuitive piece of kit, and a great addition to your studio rental.

Fluorescent Light Bank 1650w

Six 55 watt fluorescent tubes (equivalent to 1650w incandescent bulbs) make up this flicker free daylight lightbank, with barn door and stand. It can be mounted both horizontally or vertically. An essential part of any film or photo studio.

Broncolor XXL AC Stand

The 15' Broncolor XXL Air Cushioned Stand is a black aluminum stand with 3 air cushioned extensions. It is compatible with the Para 220 and 330 umbrellas, and all Broncolor flash heads. Great for use with large softboxes and umbrellas, as well as monolights with heavy accessories.

Broncolor Basic M Stands

This sturdy lighting stand has been specifically designed for the Siros series of monolights. 

Broncolor Snoot

The Broncolor conical snoot is a durable aluminium light shaper that helps reduce the flash head’s beam angle for precision lighting.  The Snoot fits all Broncolor lamp heads with a Pulso bayonet-style mount, including Siros, mobiLED, Litos, Pulso G, and Unilite heads. It mounts directly to the head and uses its cone-like shape to reduce the beam able of the light to a small soft spot. Both the size and shape of the spot can be changed.

Broncolor RFS 2.1 Transmitter

This 40 channel, wireless transmitter has minimal power consumption and an operating distance of up to 200m outdoors, or up to 50m in closed rooms, with a delay of less than 0.425 milliseconds. Compatible with RFS equipped heads, and all pack and monolight units used in conjunction with an RFS 2.1 receiver. The LCD display indicates the operating status, channel and studio address. Fantastic for eliminating power cords and adding wireless functionality to your studio shoot.

Broncolor Octabox 75cm

The Octagonal soft box has half the diameter and a quarter of the illuminated area of the Octabox 150. It provides a soft, even light, and attractive catchlights, but it’s light is a good deal harder than its larger sister. It is the first choice for classical portrait and beauty photographers.

Broncolor Honeycomb Grid Set L40

This set contains a coarse, medium and fine grid that clip onto the Siros monolight’s standard L40 reflector. Coarse provides the least narrowing of the beam of light, while the fine grid provides the most narrowing. The grids are quick to install and help control the spill of light to exactly where you want it on your subject.

Broncolor Coloured Gels

Our coloured gels come in a range of colours and sizes to fit all heads, suitable for a wide range of applications such as creating mood lighting or colour correcting.

Broncolor Beauty Dish

The Broncolor Beauty Dish Reflector is 20.4" in diameter and has a 7.7" deep white interior. When attached to any Broncolor flash head or monolight, it will provide even light with deep shadows that have soft edges. An alternative to softboxes, being more directional but still soft. It can be combined with our honeycomb grid for a smaller light angle and/or with a diffuser for softer and brighter shadows.

Broncolor Barn Door

This Barn door can be securely fixed to the L40 reflector, and rotated a full 360 to allow for flexible positioning. The four wings can be shut closely, preventing stray light, but each can be individually removed from the base plate also, a versatile tool for lighting only the areas you want. The base plate also accepts 7” square gels and diffusion filters.

Bowens Backdrop Stand

The Bowens Background Support System consists of 2 fully adjustable stands and a three-piece crossbar, made from aluminium for strength and portability. The system can support either textile or paper backgrounds up to 3 metres wide. It can be quickly assembled and height adjusted from 100cm to 260cm, width can also be adjusted to 2 metres. An incredibly versatile addition to your shoot.

Broncolor Sync Cable

The Broncolor Sync Cable is a heavy duty cable that allows you to trigger your Broncolor flash head with a hard-wired connection. It has a mini pin at one end and a male PC connector at the other end. 

Broncolor Speedring

The Broncolor Speed Ring is an adapter for mounting Broncolor softboxes to Broncolor flash systems. The colour coding feature on the rear face enables easy assembly and a locking gasket fits securely over any Broncolor flash head. It works with any square, rectangle, strip or octagon softbox.

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